Submodules module, cqc_factory, virtualNet)[source]

Trys to connect to local virtual node.

If connection is refused, we try again after a set amount of time (specified in handle_connection_error), myName, cqc_factory, virtualNet)[source]

Handles errors from trying to connect to local virtual node.

If a ConnectionRefusedError is raised another try will be made after Settings.CONF_WAIT_TIME seconds. Any other error is raised again., myName, node)[source]

Retrieves the relevant root objects to talk to such remote connections, network_name='default')[source]

Start the indicated backend CQC Server, cqc_factory)[source]

Setup CQC server to handle remote on the classical communication network., _stack_frame)[source] module, network_name='default')[source], _stack_frame)[source]

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